字母B 开头英语成语汇总


Bad blood– feelings of hate between two families

Bend your ears– to talk to someone for a very long time about something boring

Bite your tongue– to stop yourself from saying something because it would be better not to

Black and blue– full of bruises

Blue blood– belonging to high social class

Be above board– to be honest and legal

Be bouncing off the walls– excited and full of nervous energy

Bow and scrap– try too hard to please someone in a position of authority

Brass monkey weather– extremely cold weather

Be tailor made– to be completely suitable for someone.

Break the ice– to make more comfort or relaxed with a person whom you have not met earlier, to

break the silence

Be as clear as mud– to be impossible to understand

Be on cloud nine– be very happy

Between the devil and deep blue sea– a type of situation where u must choose between two equally unpleasant situations

Be in the doldrums– not very successful or nothing new is taking place

Beat the drum– to speak eagerly about something you support

Be on the edge– to be nervous or worried about something

Be in seventh heaven– extremely happy

Be at each other’s throat– two persons arguing angrily

Batten down the hatches– to prepare for trouble

Back the wrong horse– to support someone weak

Back to square one– to reach again to the starting point

Back to the salt mines– back to something that you don’t want to do

Ball of fire– active and energetic

Beat one’s head against the wall- to try to do something that is hopeless

Bark up the wrong tree– to make a wrong assumption

Batten down the hatches– prepare for difficult times

Beat one’s brain out– to work hard

Begin to see the light– to begin to understand

Behind closed doors– done in secret

Bet on the wrong horse– to misread the future

Bent on doing– to be determined to do something

Bite off more than one can chew– to do more than one’s ability

Bite the bullet– to face a difficult situation bravely

Bitter pill to swallow– an unpleasant fact that must be accepted

Black sheep of the family– worst member

Blessing in disguise– something that turns out to be good which earlier appeared to be wrong

Blind leading the blind– someone who does not understand something but tries to explain it to other

Blow one’s own horn– to praise one

Blow someone’s mind– excite someone

Bone of contention– subject matter of the fight

Bring home the bacon– to earn money to live

Blue in the face– exhausted and speechless

Break the back of– reduce the power of something

Burn a hole in one’s pocket– to spend money quickly

Burn the midnight oil– to study till late of night

Bushman’s holiday– a holiday where you spend doing same thing as you did at working days

Button’s one lip– to keep quite

Break a leg– to wish good luck


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